teaser_landfleisch_BG_1900x600 teaser-bild-hund-nass-600x550 LandFleisch Classic Pure taste with extra meat and fresh vegetables! TO THE PRODUCTS ✓ High meat content (approx. 90%)
✓ High-quality offal, such as heart, lungs, liver and rumen
✓ With natural fibre and vitamins
✓ With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
✓ High-quality proteins and fats
✓ Available in different varieties
teaser_landfleisch_BG_1900x600 teaser-bild-katze-nass-600x550 LandFleisch Cat The natural nutrition concept
for the cat!
TO THE PRODUCTS ✓ High proportion of fresh, deliciously meaty ingredients
✓ Without sugar
✓ High quality proteins & valuable vitamins
✓ For a healthy skin and shiny coat
✓ Good compatibility and high acceptance.
✓ Available in 10 different varieties
teaser_landfleisch_BG_1900x600 teaser-bild-hund-snack-600x550 LandSnack Popcorn The reward that does not make you fat! TO THE PRODUCTS ✓ Sugar-free supplementary feed for all dogs
✓ Less than 1 % fat
✓ Particularly low in calories
✓ Made from gluten-free brown rice
✓ In a practical 30g bag
✓ Available in different varieties
teaser_landfleisch_BG_1900x600 teaser-bild-hund-snack-artusano-v2-600x550 LandFleisch Artusano The supplementary feed with natural joint protection! icon-neu-500x500 TO THE PRODUCTS ✓ With high-quality green-lipped mussel extract
✓ For mobility and joie de vivre at any age
✓ Even after heavy loads and efforts
✓ For the joints of your dog
✓ In 32 portions
✓ Enough for over a month
teaser_landfleisch_BG_1900x600 teaser-bild-hund-barf-ankuendigung-600x550 LandFleisch Barf2Go LandFleisch WOLF becomes
LandFleisch BARF2GO!
TO THE BROCHURE With LandFleisch BARF2GO BARFing becomes
finally simple and practical!

Convince yourself and download here our
download the current brochure.

BARF2GO will be available soon!

Country life - a good idea "naturally" prevails

LandFleisch offers your four-legged friends a natural taste experience. We attach particular importance to the origin of the raw materials. With our assortment, nutritional competence and the most production processes that are gentle on the raw materials are combined with the best that Mother Nature has to offer. We offer pet owners food of the highest quality at affordable prices.

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LandFleisch Dog Soft Chunks Horse

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LandFleisch Cat

LandFleisch Cat Pâté has also convinced the users of the independent test portal FutterTester.de