Our philosophy


Country life - a good idea "naturally" prevails


Many years ago we started with the production of wet food for dogs and cats and well-known breeders and classic pet shops from all over Germany were among our best customers. Due to the outstanding results of the dogs and cats fed with our food in the show and also performance area, very quickly many others became interested in "the secret" of success. Together with our customers we then developed the philosophy of natural country cooking as a guideline for the development of LandFleisch developed:

  • The CountryMeat- Understanding species-appropriate pet food goes beyond producing high-quality dog and cat food. Special emphasis is placed on the origin of the ingredients.
  • The range combines nutritional expertise and the most raw material-friendly production processes with the best that Mother Earth has to offer. Try it out for yourself! Today the set goal of LandFleischto offer feed of the highest quality at affordable prices has been achieved.

Meat and animal by-products

According to the latest European legislation and the German feed law based on it, feed manufacturers are subject to an obligation to declare the raw materials used. These raw materials can and may be indicated with their designation as individual feedstuffs, e.g. muscle meat, breast fillet, heart, liver, lungs, etc.. Equally permissible is the designation of the Categoryto which the feed material belongs, e.g. "meat and animal by-products".

We understand animal by-products to be high-quality offal from slaughtered animals approved for human consumption, such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, rumen.

You can count on that!

We only work with tested suppliers for our raw materials, who produce according to our specifications and also guarantee the perfect quality of the goods. As a rule, you know all these suppliers from your daily purchases in the specialist food trade.

We, the development team of CountryMeat, consistently implement our own experiences as animal owners and consumers and willingly provide information where critical questions are raised, give help and guidance where others helplessly remain silent.


LandFleisch wet food for dogs with fresh vegetables

With CountryMeat with fresh vegetablesWe have developed a dog food that is specially designed for the organisms of growing and adult dogs and is ideally suited for nutrition into old age.

Specifications for the development of CountryMeat with fresh vegetables were:

  • no allergens
  • High quality, extremely tasty and natural ingredients
  • high meat content
  • only certified fresh vegetables are used to strengthen the body's defences and as a prophylactic against various diseases
  • highest digestibility
  • no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • no genetically modified plant material
  • Carbohydrates and raw fibres from many healthy ingredients ensure best utilisation and digestion

Made from chicken, duck, turkey and game meat, refined with beef hearts and vegetables from certified cultivation, all varieties are CountryMeat with fresh vegetables extremely tasty and very digestible. With a meat content of about 90 % (meat and meat broth) and a thoughtful enrichment with natural ingredients provides CountryMeat with fresh vegetables for well-being and best health.


All advantages at a glance


  • Quality "Made in Germany" - regional production
  • sustainable production due to the location Germany
  • short production routes - verifiable reduction of CO² emissions
  • no animal testing
  • resource-conserving production processes
  • without artificial colouring and preservatives
  • without flavour enhancers

Raw materials

  • high quality proteins & fats
  • no moulded meat


  • close to nature, natural, sustainable
  • Highly visible components and attractive appearance
  • high meat content
  • high acceptance
  • natural cuisine from the countryside
  • Special products also for nutritionally sensitive dogs

Our product variety

CountryMeat Dog

  • with LandFleisch with fresh vegetables, we have developed a food that is specially designed for the organisms of growing and adult dogs and is ideally suited for nutrition into old age.
  • In order to be able to provide dogs that require a food with a lower crude protein and crude fat content with a top quality food, we have developed the two "extra lean" varieties Poultry with Rice and Beef with Rice. Carbohydrates from rice and a balanced supply of raw fibre ensure healthy digestion and utilisation.


  • Popcorn: The natural snack made from gluten-free brown rice with less than 1 % fat.

LandFleisch Hypoallergenic

  • The number of dogs suffering from food allergies is increasing every day. Therefore, we have developed with the product line Hypoallergenic, a complete feed for highly sensitive dogs. These are monoprotein products, which is why you can be 100 % sure that only the one advertised type of meat is in the food.
LandFleisch soft chunks
  • LandFleisch Softbrocken is a grain-free, semi-moist food that many dogs love! This is ensured by high-quality raw materials, a high proportion of fresh meat and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The variety duck is a monoprotein product.
LandFleisch Cold pressed
  • The grain-free dog food from LandFleisch is characterised by its healthy recipe based on nature and fresh meat from chicken, turkey, beef and herring. The elaborate manufacturing process "cold pressed" at low temperatures, preserves the processed ingredients in an ideal way and thus contributes to a tasty and vital substance-rich complete feed.
LandFleisch Sensible
  • LandFleisch insect protein-based is the alternative for feed intolerances, because it is hypoallergenic, a monoprotein (insects) and grain-free. Insect protein is excellent for hypoallergenic dogs and is currently the alternative on the market! By using insects, the environment is protected: less greenhouse gases, less soil pollution, smaller water footprint, less agricultural land needed, more efficient feed conversion.
    Insects provide high-quality proteins (comparable protein content to meat), valuable fatty acids and minerals (rich in iron, zinc and calcium). They offer a good alternative to meat. Insects provide high levels of unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).
    No antibiotics are used in insect production.
LandFleisch Cat
  • As much as we love our little pelt noses - meeting their taste is not always so easy. And precisely because they are so picky, it is all the more important to provide them with a high-quality, tasty and needs-based food.
  • We offer some, partly new, varied varieties in a fresh design
  • The products "Made in Germany" score with fresh meat from certified suppliers and high-quality proteins. With an open declaration LandFleisch Katze offers absolute transparency
LandFleisch Artusano
  • The supplementary feed with natural joint protection
  • Unique in Germany
  • With high-quality green-lipped mussel extract
  • Plus 14 herbs
  • For mobility and joie de vivre at any age
  • Even after heavy loads and efforts
  • For the joints of your dog
  • For increased joy of movement
  • In 32 tasty portion pieces
  • Practical shape like a bar of chocolate
  • Enough for over a month
LandFleisch BARF2GO
  • The natural feeding concept of LandFleisch
  • Made in Germany
  • Without additional added minerals
  • Without gelling agent
  • Without any added vitamins
  • Without cereals
  • Without soy
  • Without GMO (genetically modified organisms)
  • Simple and practical - BARFing made easy!


Tested product quality

LandFleisch places the highest value on quality. Both in terms of the raw materials used and modern production standards. And of course we are always interested in what pet owners think about our food. That is why we have already subjected our products to tests by the independent platform FutterTester.de on several occasions.

Here users can try out food and share their opinion about it. Our food LandFleisch Cat Pâté has also fully convinced the users of the portal FutterTester.de. LandFleisch Cat Pâté received the test rating "good". Excellent product quality from German lands - that's what our brand stands for.

Would you like to learn more about the results?

Click here for the test result of LandFleisch Dog Softbrocken Horse Test LandFleisch Cat Pâté


Animal welfare is close to our heart

LandFleisch is committed to animal welfare. And that goes without saying for us. We are concerned that animals are always well cared for. This concerns the nutrition and keeping of our animal friends as well as improving the situation for the four-legged friends who have not had it so good so far. This concerns, for example, dogs and cats that are in animal shelters and are waiting to be taken into loving human care.

We have been promoting animal welfare with our LandFleisch brand for many years. For example, we have been a supporter of the Donation Marathon for Animals since 2017. As part of our commitment, we have already been able to send numerous pallets of food donations for dogs and cats on their way. And we also help out in terms of communication. For example, in recent years we have been able to label more than one million LandFleisch cans with a highly visible reference to the Donation Marathon.

"We are pleased that we can make a valuable contribution to animal welfare with our support," explains Jürgen Schwedux, Managing Director of BTG System-Logistik and brand manager for LandFleisch. "We are pleased to be a permanent partner of the Donation Marathon for Animals."

Would you like to learn more about the results?

All animal lovers who care about animal welfare and who would like to support the Donation Marathon for Animals, can obtain information on the website https://www.spendenmarathon-tiere.de more info.

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