LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Pesto Gold 200g

Supplementary feed for adult dogs

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LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO - Biological species-appropriate feeding

LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Pesto GOLD consists of the natural variety of vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables as well as mineral-rich herbs.
and oil - finely chopped and therefore highly bioavailable. It corresponds excellently to the natural feeding habits of the "primeval dog". Leaked fruit and vegetable juice and oxidation at the bottom of the can are a symbol of the naturalness of the mixture.


The three LandFleisch BARF2GO elements belong inseparably together:

(1) BARF2GO meat pot

(2) BARF2GO Fruit- Vegetable and Herb Pesto

(3) BARF2GO Vitamin & Mineral Blend

With these three nutritional components, BARFing is also easy for you as a dog owner and for the dog you get a varied and absolutely natural feeding concept.


LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO fruit, vegetable and herb pesto GOLD

  • Easy to handle
  • 3-component system
  • As a supplement to component 1
  • Without any colouring and preservatives
  • Without further addition of minerals
  • Without addition of gelling agents
  • Without any added vitamins
  • Without cereals
  • Made in Germany



30 % carrot, 30 % apple, 10 % rutabaga, 10 % banana, 5 % pear, 3 % apricot, 2 %
Cherry, 2 % Strawberry, 2 % Lamb's lettuce, 2 % Rapeseed oil, Pineapple, Fig, Anise, Ginger, Parsley, Dandelion

Analytical constituents:

Protein: 2.0 %, fat content: 2.0 %, crude ash: 1.5 %, crude fibre: 1.5 %, moisture: 86.0 %. May contain traces of other ingredients.

Feeding recommendation

Our recommendation as a daily ration for a 10 kg dog using the example of the horse variety:

per diem
LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Horse 350 - 405 g
LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO fruit, vegetable and herb pesto GOLD 115 - 135 g
LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Vitamin and Mineral Blend 5 g

LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Pesto GOLD is not suitable as the sole feed. A complete diet is only guaranteed by all 3 components. The amount of LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Component 1 and LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Pesto depends on the variety. Your dog's individual daily requirement depends on other factors such as breed, age, activity and housing conditions. For overweight dogs, reduce the amount of food or increase the proportion of LandFleisch B.A.R.F.2GO Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Pesto.

Notice: Additional feeding of snacks should also be considered in the daily ration. Please feed at room temperature. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume within 2 days. Offer water for free intake.

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